As a service provider for home help and personal care assistance, what is Lingap’s goal for

our older population?

The ageing population of New Zealand is increasing. Most of them still prefer to live

in the comfort of their own homes and do more with their lives. But as we know, there are

limitations to what they can do daily.

Our goal is for our older population to be able to enjoy life with dignity and respect

while keeping their most valued assets.

Home help and personal care goes beyond provision of care and assistance. It is a

mutually beneficial relationship to continue living a quality life in the comfort of their own


Lingap Home Care is about providing physical care, emotional support and

companionship to elderlies who are generally healthy and prefer to stay in their own

homes. It is the provision of non-medical services that will allow the elderly to live

independently and stay connected with society. We are committed to assigning a

companion that suits you and your whanau/family. We take into consideration your

preferences in a companion, your needs and location.

Our companions are qualified and experienced but more importantly,

compassionate, trustworthy and have a genuine desire to provide quality care and service.