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Enquiring for My Parents

One of the reasons why we established Lingap Home Care is because we understand the struggle that the children of elderly parents go through at this point in their lives. We ourselves have ageing parents and we only want the best for them, but we know it’s not easy.

You know this feeling of guilt that you are neglecting your mum or dad by not being able to care for them yourself? At the same time, you are feeling overwhelmed by the time and effort required to look after them while you try to balance your work and taking care of your own family.

We, at Lingap Home Care, are here to help you to address these challenges and relieve some of your stress with our professional experience and our passion to deliver quality care that our older people deserve.

What is the result that we desire for you?

You get the ongoing care and companionship your parents need. No more stress over their wellbeing. You get more time for you and your family. You spend time enjoying your parent’s company. No more juggling of priorities. And lastly, no more feeling of guilt and a sense of regret.


Enquiring for Myself

Are you one of our elderlies in our community who wants to stay independent in the comfort of your own home but needs help from time to time? Or are you one of the elderlies who is feeling guilty and anxious at the same time because you do not want to be a burden to anyone, especially to your children?

We know ageing is challenging and daunting, but Lingap Home Care can provide you with the home help and personal care assistance you need in your daily living. You can rely on us to be your consistent and reliable companion as you age in place.

We have over ten years of experience in aged care, and it is our purpose to provide home help and personal care with compassion. You deserve to live out your days with dignity.

What is the result that we desire for you?

  1. You get to stay living in your own home for as long as possible.
  2. You get to spend your energy on things you love and enjoy life more.
  3. You feel more dignified, and most significantly, you keep your independence. No more feeling lonely and a burden on your family. No more worry of living alone.
  4. And lastly, no more worry of living alone.
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