Overnight Care Services

What is Overnight Care?

Indeed, the body needs sleep as much as it needs proper exercise and nutrition.

Studies by the National Sleep Foundation show that more than a third of adult New Zealanders reported having short (<7 hours) sleep duration. Particularly when people get older, they may find that they awaken several times during the night especially after a medical operation or surgery.

Some may feel that this is a sign of the onset of serious sleep problems.

While older people may not have the same quality of sleep that they did when they were younger, experiments have shown that waking up a few times during the night is not a cause for alarm.

However, when our elderly loved ones have just undergone hospitalisation or a medical procedure, they would often need assistance overnight to ensure their safety and to help speed up recovery.

Overnight Care is where the Lingap companion is available to assist low-dependency clients in their homes throughout the night if necessary but may otherwise sleep. This service generally starts from 9pm through to 7am. It cannot exceed 10 hours.

A bed and access to a bathroom need to be provided in the client’s home for the companion.

Why is this Service Important?

Sacrificing needed sleep can weaken a person’s immune system. Compared to optimal sleep, short sleep also consistently showed negative relationships with various measures of positive psychological well-being. Lingap’s Overnight Care is the solution that both our elderly and their full-time carer need for them to get a good night’s sleep.

With overnight care, companions can provide assistance and reassurance by supporting safe mobilisation, by helping with toileting thereby reducing the risk of falls.

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