Elderly Sitting Services

What is Elderly Sitting?


Elderly sitting is an on-demand service where a well-trained compassionate companion can assist the elderly for a short period of time while the regular caregivers are away, engaged, or having respite.

The main duty of the elderly sitter is to provide companionship and assistance with everyday activities and errands.

Our Elderly Sitting service includes:

  • Companion driving to do grocery shopping, attend medical appointments, salon visits/ hair appointments
  • Providing companionship support in doing the following:
    • Hobbies or preferred forms of entertainment
    • Performing light and appropriate exercises
    • Visiting family members or friends to keep them abreast of their loved one’s condition
    • Reminding client (Not Administering) of their medication

Why is this Service Important?

By having an elderly sitter or companion, relatives can enjoy the family activity rather than worry about their elderly loved ones. The elderly loved ones, on the other hand, know they have assistance if needed and won’t need to feel like a bother or a burden to family members.

This service allows the regular caregiver to take time out and have a break from their caring responsibilities to get rest and feel recharged.

Your elderly loved ones can enjoy the independence of ageing in place with minimal assistance from a companion.

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