Lingap, in Filipino, means

Compassionate Care

Lingap Home Care is a company that provides non-medical home help and personal care/assistance to our ageing loved ones within the Auckland Metropolitan Area.

Our Story

We are a group of friends who got together to help address a need in New Zealand. It is innate in Filipinos to be caring and respectful especially towards our elders. This, we believe, will be the strong foundation of how we deliver our home care services. We are keen to share this caring culture with our clients.

Being in New Zealand as our second home has compelled us to engage in worthwhile endeavours to give back and serve the community. What started as a job has been transformed into a passion.

The Need

While there is a tidal wave of aged New Zealander’s coming in, a valued client once told us that retirement living is not for every aged person in New Zealand. There is a good number of elderly people who prefer to stay and accept companion care within the confines of their home for as long as feasible. This has been confirmed by the findings in the NZ Aged Care Report 2010 where “ageing in place” was mentioned as the first preference for a long-term ageing strategy.

The Challenge

The main concern is the reliability and consistency of the home help and personal care/assistance service that is delivered by some providers. Furthermore, most prefer a private and personalised approach to cater to the needs of their aged mums and dads.

Our Solution: Consistent & Reliable Companions

Our purpose is to deliver reliable and consistent service with COMPASSION, and alongside building of TRUST, will enable our ageing loved ones to live their later years with DIGNITY.

We, together with our companions, are guided by the following uncompromising values:

  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Quality of Care
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Creativity

Responsible Employment

We are committed to give our clients the highest level of service. To do this, we have a pool of qualified companions.

In order to retain quality companions, we adhere to strict employment standards. We provide fair wages and a company environment where the well-being of the companion is looked after resulting in better productivity, creativity and ultimately, consistent and reliable service to our clients.

Team Lingap
Meet the Team

Marovic represents the voice of the customer within the company with her role as the Client Relations Director of Lingap. She is a qualified pharmacist and a trained nurse who worked in the US for almost a decade. Also trained in aged care and being in this profession for nearly 10 years in New Zealand, she empathises with the needs of the older population and is able to anticipate them skilfully. She loves discovering new cuisines and is an avid fan of Formula 1 and NBA.

Meet the Team

Claudz is the Operations Director of Lingap. With more than 15 years combined experience in operations and project management in leading multinational, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies in New Zealand and overseas, Claudz is no stranger to adage, “Do it right the first time.” Quality and customer focus govern her work ethic.

She has a soft spot for the elderly because of the memory of her grandmother and for people with disability and special needs having two of her own. She loves listening to soul music, browsing through inspiring architectural designs and watching Roger Federer’s matches.

Meet the Team

Hazel is the people champion within Lingap with her role as the head of People and Culture. As a qualified nurse in the Philippines and experienced health care professional in New Zealand for the past 10 years, she provides the science behind the care for older people and the training of the Lingap companions to achieve the innate way of caring with compassion and respect. She loves travelling and landscape photography and is thankful to be able to do this in New Zealand.

Meet the Team

Having been employed for more than 20 years, Rommel knows the importance of providing fair living wages and an outward thriving company environment where the well-being of its companions are well looked after. This he believes is key to providing better productivity, creativity and ultimately, consistent and reliable service to every client. This purpose is what guides him in overseeing the company’s financial health. Rommel esteems strong family values and this is central in everything he does. He loves exploring the beautiful sights of New Zealand and enjoys these great Kiwi long road trips with his family. Last, but not the least, he is a huge All-Blacks fan.

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